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_07 July 2015

The Digital Grand Tour of the Italy Pavilion is now available

Step into Palazzo Italia, the exhibit about the Italian Identity, the Cardo and the Tree of Life with the brand new multimedia guide of the Italy Pavilion


The "Digital Grand Tour", the multimedia guide that makes visitors discover the Italy Pavilion, has been released today.


The innovative digital tool provides a multimedia and engaging experience for visitors, leading them along the Cardo, Palazzo Italia and the Tree of Life. The Digital Grand Tour is available as a website and as a mobile app


Thanks to a simple web platform and an intuitive interaction, the visitors of the Italy Pavilion will discover the exhibition about the Italian Identity, the ideas and the projects that define our country, the curiosities, the "secrets" about the shows of the Tree of Life and much more.


The Digital Grand Tour attaches a special importance to the Milan Charter, which represents the legacy of Expo Milan 2015. The visitors can sign the Charter thanks to an app powered by TIM and available on 15 tablets. The initiative, that has become a must of Palazzo Italia both for visitors and institutional guests, is having more and more success.


The Grand Tour is powered by TIM in cooperation with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions, a company of the Telecom Italia Group. The concept and the digital representation have been realised in cooperation with the Italy Pavilion's Art Direction of Marco Balich and with the contribution of Balich Worldwide Shows.


Once again, TIM confirms its role as reference partner of the Italy Pavilion for technologies and connectivity.


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