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_31 October 2015

Italy Pavilion: the figures of success

"The exhibition on Italian Identity and the Italy Tree of Life were truly successful," said Diana Bracco, General Commissioner for the Italy Pavilion and President of Expo 2015 S.p.A. "Our Tree has become a global icon. It is a great symbolic construction of rediscovered Italian pride. The water and light shows and superb Italian music have thrilled and charmed Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Princes and Queens from every continent".


The figures show just how successful the Italy Pavilion has been, with over 2 million people going to the "House of Italian Identity" exhibition in Palazzo Italia. Over 14 million people watched the Tree of Life shows - a construction dreamed up by Marco Balich and brought to life by Orgoglio Brescia with backing from Pirelli and Coldiretti - and strolled amid the wonders lining the Cardo in search of the exhibitions foregrounding Italian excellence. The Tree was photographed more than anything else at the Expo, with over 250 thousand appearances on Instagram.


Other figures show the incredible Italian success at the Expo, with 266 high ranking Italian and foreign dignitaries visiting Palazzo Italia.  This includes 60 Heads of State and Government. This can be added to 16 thousand B2B meetings, 50 business forums, 400 industry specific round table discussions, and 3,500 Italian companies enrolled in the Expo Business Matching (EBM) platform, promoted by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Promos, Fiera Milano, Expo 2015 and PWC to encourage business relations with other countries. The ICE "Expo is now" project, run in collaboration with the Conference of Regions and Confindustria, brought in many incoming missions from 6 countries and led to 500 meetings. "Expo was also an enormous platform for business relations," explained Diana Bracco. "We have truly become a driver that gave people renewed confidence. It has brought immense satisfaction to read in the papers that Italian food industry exports are enjoying net growth and that the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of Italy have confirmed that Italy is growing again."


The local areas at the heart of the "House of Italian Identity" exhibition have become the centre of Expo discussion. Over the past six months, the Italy Pavilion has pushed forward the research and debate surrounding Italian identity, creating a current snapshot of the situation during the Expo. The Censis Foundation and Aaster Consortium organised 8 events on themes such as the legacy, local areas, Italians’ 'relation' with food, and the development of farming supply chains.


The mini squares and spaces used on a rotating basis along the Cardo by 29 entities, including regional and local administrations, associations and companies have taken visitors on a journey of discovery into the world of local artistic and cultural heritages, filled with tourist excellence and high quality food and wine - aspects that have long made Italy unique in the eyes of the world.


The events at the Italy Pavilion were another record setting feature. Over 4 thousand meetings and conferences were organised by the Italy Pavilion and its partners over the six months of the Expo. The schedule of events touched on nearly every aspect of food and sustainability, forming a basis for reflection about the future development of the planet. Perhaps the most notable, especially on the scientific front, was Vivaio Ricerca (roughly, Research Nursery), run by the Italy Pavilion in collaboration with the National Research Council (CNR) and the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI). The 47 international conferences and events had 694 speakers, 5,610 participants and involved the cooperation of 309 entities, including promoters, backers and sponsors.


Vivaio Scuola (School Nursery) was a major contribution by the Italy Pavilion to making this Expo a key educational moment in the country's history. Over the 184 days of the event, Palazzo Italia welcomed 15 thousand students, 2 thousand teachers and 700 schools. This incredible amount of work will all become part of an e-book to be sent to all Italian educational institutions.


300 start-ups were involved in Vivaio delle Idee (Ideas Nursery), a project run in collaboration with Mipaaf (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) and the ItaliaCamp Foundation. Over 190 start-ups were central to the 3 weekly gatherings that brought the best projects into contact with business angels and investors. The 4 Opportunity Days were another opportunity for start-ups to meet investors, with 26 start-ups taking part.


Women were central to this Expo. The Me and We - Women for Expo space held 109 events for women. 38 were run by the Ministry of Health, 29 were linked to the "Projects for Women" competition, 7 initiatives were launched as part of the Women's Weeks, in collaboration with Women for Expo, and 25 exhibitions were set up, including 24 about projects that won the "Projects for Women" competition and one special temporary exhibition on Moods of an Indian Wedding. 

Download the pdf [Intervento di Diana Bracco 31 ottobre 2015]
Download the pdf [Speech of Diana Bracco 31st October 2015]

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