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The ideas of women

ME and WE – Women for Expo. The ideas of women is one of the crown jewels of the Italy Pavilion. It is Milan Expo 2015’s tribute to women and their crucial role as engines of change and growth.
In particular, ME and WE – Women for Expo hosts the winning projects from the two competitions promoted by WE – Women for Expo and the Italy Pavilion: Projects for women and Projects by women. They embody the Italian approach to the WE – Women for Expo project, with the dual goal of building upon the strength of talented businesswomen and promoting projects that improved the quality of life of women.

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The exhibition space

ME and WE – Women for Expo's exhibition space, located on the north-west side of the Cardo on the first floor, is inspired by the semantic field of plants and sustainable growth, the guiding thread of the Italy Pavilion.
Visitors are welcomed into a hanging garden of sorts, with plant-inspired furnishings representing the profound links between human beings and the natural world that were so crucial for our evolution – from the air we breathe to the endless ways we use plants, whose every fibre is used in our everyday tools.
Plants, “of which nothing is thrown away”, are in fact the protagonists of ME and WE – Women for Expo, serving as a symbol for the fight against environmental and food waste.

The activities

Vivaio Donne aims to represent, exhibit, and inform through the following activities:

- Women for Expo Alliance;
- Exhibits with permanent and temporary content;
- Presentation of events inspired by themes relevant to ME and WE – Women for Expo.

The Women for Expo Alliance is the document that sanctions the new global alliance of women against food waste and for the strengthening of women’s role in agriculture worldwide. Created by WE - Women for Expo International, the document is presented as part of a fascinating permanent exhibition.

The winners of the Projects for women and Projects by women competitions will be showcased through exhibitions on the projects themselves and the staging of events such as presentations and seminars dedicated to the activities carried out on behalf of women by the winning institutions.

Additionally, ME and WE – Women for Expo hosts several initiatives as part of the Milan Expo 2015 Women’s Week, part of the WE-Women for Expo project.

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