Riso Gallo

_05 February 2015

Riso Gallo chosen as official partner of the Italian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015
May to October, 2015

More than 20 million visitors are expected to visit Expo Milano and the Italian Pavilion with its recently announced official partner Riso Gallo. Gallo has been producing rice since 1856 and is one of the largest rice-growing  companies in Italy.


During the six month exhibition - from May 1 to October 31, 2015 – Riso Gallo will showcase its products and initiatives, representing the quality and tradition of rice growing in Italy.


Riso Gallo will take visitors to the Italian Pavilion into an imaginary journey throughout the Peninsula, through the regional recipes which  be cooked at the restaurants of the Pavillion. Riso Gallo will be the exclusive supplier of rice in both the shop - Palazzo Italy - and the restaurant in the Italian Pavilion, and the star of a full calendar of events from new product presentations and compayn visits to cooking shows.


"We are the oldest Italian rice mill. For more than 150 years around the world, we have been spreading the culture of rice and risotto, an ambassador of our gastronomy abroad. Today we renew these great efforts by participating in this mission with pride at Expo Milano 2015, where the Italian Pavilion will be a valuable opportunity to remember why our country is known and admired throughout the world for the excellence of its food and culinary culture that has developed around them, "says Carlo Preve, CEO of Riso Gallo SpA


Why Riso Gallo?

Riso Gallo was chosen by the Italian Pavilion by virtue of its representativeness and excellence in the production of Italian rice. It is in fact the oldest Italian rice mill company: born in Genoa in 1856, family-run for 6 generations, its’ entire production is in Robbio, Northern Italy, in the heart of Lomellina (PV). Riso Gallo is the leader in the Italian market of packaged rice and the most well known and respected rice brand in Italy (source: GFK Eurisko), as well as the most well known Italian brand of rice  distributed worldwide: Exporting to all 5 continents in 75 countries including China.

The company is also committed to spreading the culture of risotto in Italy and abroad - with particular attention to young chefs who are future ambassadors of Italian cuisine - through the Guida Gallo, now in its 9th edition, which since 1989 celebrates risotto with more than two centuries of history and haute cuisine.


Riso Gallo has the exclusive supply and sale of rice in the Italian Pavilion and will announce this partnership through advertising and on the product packs. A limited edition pack for the exhibition will be produced "Pride of Italy - Milan Expo 2015", and characterised by a special logo printed on the front of the pack of all products on sale during the exhibition, both in Italy and abroad.


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